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DR. SUMEET JAISWAL (MBBS MS MCH) is a qualified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon. He has worked as Assistant Professor in the prestigious KEM Hospital Mumbai. He has operated on individuals from many countries including USA,UK, Lebanon, Dubai, Nigeria etc. He has authored over 18 papers in international peer reviewed journals. He has worked extensively on formulating standards for describing various landmarks in facial cosmetic surgery.

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  • Sujit Ramteke

    The doctors and the staff were amazing they completely make you feel comfortable. The recovery was absolutely wonderful the doctor takes a lot of time to make sure that he minimizes any comfortableness. I had a male breast reduction, and liposuction. The recovery time was very minimal and minor discomfort! Everything turned out amazing. I recommend them to anyone. As the old saying goes the better you look the better you feel the more confident you are and I’m super confident.

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  • Monica Deshmuskh

    Dr Sumeet Jaiswal is a very skilled surgeon and it was very pleasant to deal with him and his staff. You can tell he really cares about his patient and the outcome of your surgery. I have nothing but great things to say and I am extremely happy with the results (even though it’s only been 6 weeks). I was 100% confident from a to z about his skills and I know I’d have all the support I needed pre/post-op.

  • Ronak Sharma

    The entire surgical staff including Dr. Sumeet delivers utmost professional and knowledgeable service, extremely efficient processes, and were generous and kind. I could not have a envisioned a more pleasurable experience for undergoing treatment or surgery in any facility as the Zenith Cosmetic Surgery as I’ve been others in the past and may also visit in the future.

  • Radhika Joshi

    Everyone at Dr. Sumeet’s office was amazing! I never felt uncomfortable & they were all very helpful. I am so thankful for the whole team helping me with getting my procedure done & look forward to the next few I have planned. I felt great during the whole process. I never had one second of pain during or after the surgery. I never hurt. The team at Zenith Cosmetic Surgery Nagpur is top notch, in my opinion!

  • Sumeet Jaiswal

    All Cosmetic Surgery Treatments done at Zenith Cosmetic Surgery, Nagpur

    Humans are gifted with brain which makes them far more intelligent than other species on this Earth. Every human is always health conscious at some point of time and this is the intuition of humans to look their best with age defying medical help. Innovation in medical surgical processes like cosmetics surgery can make human look far better rectifying the birth born deformities.

    Cosmetic surgery is more often known by the terminology,“Plastic surgery”, is a specific procedure carried on by an ace medico to improve personal appearances. It’s no more a niche women’s are associated with even men too are getting involved with cosmetic uplift of their appearances.

    Increasing air pollution in sync with the degrading quality of hectic lifestyle has drastic after effect on person to person with results like tremendous loss of hair at a very young age.

    • FUE Hair transplant plastic surgery in Nagpur

    Better known by the medical term Follicular Unit Extraction. This minimal invasive procedure is usually done to treat male baldness in a concise form. It’s a kind of hair transplant in the form of graft of hair from different part of the body on the bald area of the person’s head through hair follicle harvesting.

    • FUT hair transplant plastic surgery in Nagpur

    Hair removed from other part of the body as donor hair can be harvested in two different ways Follicular Unit Transplant including strip harvesting.

    • PRP hair loss Therapy plastic surgery in Nagpur

    One of the hair loss condition which is categorized into a medical state known as alopecia or baldness, is precisely treated with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to regrow hair

    • Beard Transplant plastic surgery in Nagpur

    Men appearances can be entirely enhanced with Bead Transplant which is equally safe as a cosmetics surgery. Here the cosmetic procedure is done to improve beard on patients, by extracting donor follicle form different part of the body and it is then implanted on the beard trough semi-circular incision.

    • Mustache Transplant plastic surgery in Nagpur

    Mustache is a man’s pride which boast his status as a rough and tough person looks evenly good if the person is tall dark and handsome. This does not mean that anyone with medical problems on goatee suffering from spotty and patchy loss cannot take the help of cosmetic surgeons to get it refined Mustache Transplant is all new cosmetic procedure dedicated to the man medical welfare.

    • Eyebrow Transplant plastic surgery in Nagpur

    Black brown Blue Green Eyes looks beautiful under the shadow of Eyebrows. Eyebrows do have a medical significance as it protects the eye. Woman too are conscious of the beautification of the eyebrows. Now, cosmetic surgical procedure including Eyebrow restoration is carefully doneto reposition the eyebrow. Eyebrow Transplant enhance facial features with and defy the changes on face, is equally beneficial for the advancing age, to decline a descent of the eyebrow, or brow ptosis.

    Enhanced Breast Beautification via Breast Surgery

    • Breast Enlargement plastic surgery in Nagpur

    Breast Beautification and overcoming bodily deformity on the rectification of breast sub branch of breast Surgery. Breast Enlargement Surgery appears to be a boon for the woman done by an appropriate practitioner is done to increase the size, shape, or fullness of the breast. Here the surgeon surgically places implants like silicone, saline, or alternative composite in breastunder the chest muscles or breast tissue that improves body statistics altogether.

    • Breast Lift plastic surgery in Nagpur

    Breast Lift Surgery is a fast surgical procedure where client don’t have to wait a long. It hardly takes 3 hours for the process, known as mastopexy, which repositions the nipple higher on the chest wall.

    • Breast Asymmetry plastic surgery in Nagpur

    As the name suggest Breast Lift Surgery is all about the cosmetic modification in the contours of the breast thatmay include differences in nipple size and nipple location.

    • Breast Capsulectomy plastic surgery in Nagpur

    This is basically a sub part of the breast implant called as Capsulectomy Procedure, done through cosmetic surgery which is intended to surgically remove off the capsule of scar tissues surrounding the breast implant.

    • Breast Implant Replacement plastic surgery in Nagpur

    Cosmetic up gradation of the breast, which adds to the natural contour of the body statistics match up the natural breasts exterior lookalike,with the help of Saline implants. This surgical process of breast implant replacement is thoroughly safe and secure.

    • Nipple reduction plastic surgery in Nagpur

    Often women wants to get in shape with their bodily statistics and opt for this cosmetic uplift where the Nipple reduction is aimed to shorten the length of one’s nipple.Here the breast tissue is removed, but the nipple and areola is preserved.

    • Inverted Nipple plastic surgery in Nagpur


    Facial Surgery

    • Facelift cosmetic surgery in Nagpur

    This is a high proclaimed cosmetic process in which the deformities of facial features are controlled by rhytidectomy.. Also more and more woman are selecting Facelift as the best option for aging facial wrinkles that can be eliminated through the procedure.

    • Rhinoplasty Nose reshaping cosmetic surgery in Nagpur

    Nose on face is god’s gift for every human being but Nose reshaping is a cosmeticmedical treatment for the nose reshape. It is also recommended for improving the function of the nose as it is called as nose job.

    • Eyelid Lift cosmetic Surgery surgery in Nagpur

    Eyelid surgery (also called an eye lift or blepharoplasty), reduces bagginess from lower eyelids and removes excess skin from the upper eyelids.

    • Neck Lift cosmetic surgery in Nagpur

    In order to smoothen the neck appearances Neck Lift Surgery is performed on outpatient under anesthesia. In this way the loose sagging neck muscles is tighten and stretched making them smoother, and firmer by the removal of the excess sagging skin,

    • Cheek Implant cosmetic surgery in Nagpur

    One is tagged as cheeky as a toddler and this often is a compliment reference to the person with good great cheeks. An Implant is placed on cheekbonewith injection of patients own fat soft tissue filler enhances the appearances of the Cheek.

    • Chin Augmentation cosmetic surgery in Nagpur

    Chin is the lower part of the face that adds to the augmented appearances of the face. Cosmetic Chin augmentation make use of the surgical implants that realign the underlying structure of the face.

    • Ear Correction cosmetic surgery in Nagpur

    Ears are small and big for every different human beings. Some go on with the natural shape and size of the ears but other opt for the cosmetic procedures for correction on the occurred or natural deformities and defects of the pinna

    Fat Removal

    • Liposuction cosmetic surgery in Nagpur

    Thanks to the medical progress that person of different shape and sizes cannot have to bear with the fatty appearances due to the accumulation of the excess fat. Known as by the name of Lipo Cosmetic surgery Liposuction is more of a cosmetic surgery to safely remove off the fat from the human body bringing the person in optimum shape.

    • Arm Lift cosmetic surgery in Nagpur

    There is a wide scope in cosmetic surgery to enhance the shape of the arm making it more functional and enhance the appearances accordingly. It is a form of arm lift, known by the name of brachioplasty, which is a surgical procedure thatdoes wonders in arm lift process by:

    1. Shaping the upper arm as it smoothen the process to tightenthe underlying supportive tissue by reducingthe excess sagging skin that droops downward
    2. Also it reduces the localized pockets of fat in the upper arm regio
    • Body Lift cosmetic surgery in Nagpur

    This cosmetic surgery proves to be a boon for the person whether male or female going through the embarrassment of shaggy muscles drooping down. Body Lift Surgery is intended for lifting the shaggy muscle by reshaping the patient’s abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks.

    • Male Breast Reduction cosmetic surgery in Nagpur

    Considered to be a male problem of enlarged male breasts, linked with the physical appearances, more and more man are choosing the easy medical solution of the  breast reduction through the treatment for gynecomastia. In this cosmetic surgery procedure excess fat is removed offering a more contour appearances to the chest.

    • Tummy Tuck cosmetic surgery in Nagpur

    Tummy Tuck is a condition that disrupts the physical appearancesof the person and the medical heed is offered by cosmetic surgery of abdominoplasty that removes excess fat in restoring weakened muscles.

    • Thigh Lift cosmetic surgery in Nagpur

    Thigh muscles does not mean that you are string and sturdy. Most often healthy thigh muscles makes your body exterior look a bit shaggy. This thigh lift procedure is customized as per the need of the customers, asthighplasty which comes in the category of cosmetic surgery precisely and carefully remove off the excess fat, skin and tissue around the thighs.The excess fast from the thighs are carefully removed with the help of precision cosmetic surgery.

    Cosmetic gynecology

    • Hymenoplasty gynecology surgery in Nagpur

    Commonly known as the hymen reconstruction surgery, this is a cosmetic surgical process for the precise surgery for the optimum revival ofintact hymen which so ever is broken due to strenuous exercises such as cycling, or horseback riding

    • Labioplasty gynecology surgery in Nagpur

    Labia rejuvenationis a sort of corrective plastic surgery on the labia, for reshaping labia minora and labial majora appearances.

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