Breast Reduction Surgery in Nagpur


Breast reduction surgery is a godsend for women who have disproportionately large breasts. Disproportionately large breasts cause back ache, neck pain and other painful physical symptoms which have no other treatment except for breast reduction surgery. Most if the women who undergo breast reduction surgery are very satisfied with the results and also men suffering from gynecomastia undergo this procedure.

Reasons why people opt for breast reduction

A lot of women have got disproportionate breasts which is the only cause for back and neck pain suffered by them. It restricts the women from leading healthy and active lifestyles. It also affects the dresses and attires they can wear comfortably. Breast enlargement may be caused by pregnancy, breast feeding or loss of weight.

A change in the shape and size of breasts can lead to enhanced confidence and a better body image in women. It also leads to a healthier lifestyle and they can do activities which were earlier restricted due to large breasts which caused discomfort and embarrassment.

Procedure of breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction is done under general anesthesia and is a surgical procedure. It is best to consult a certified and experienced surgeon and discuss thoroughly about the surgery. It helps people when they have realistic expectation from the surgery. Every minute detail should be discussed with the surgeon.

A good candidate is a woman with sound health and disproportionately large breasts which cause discomfort in her day to day life. She should not be breast feeding or pregnant. The type of surgery which is to be done is based on shape and size of the breast. The most common types are vertical type reduction, inverted t type reduction and periareolar reduction. The type to be used is decided by the surgeon and the requirement of the patient.

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